Club Mate 20 Pack

Club Mate

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Club Mate 20 Pack
Club Mate 20 Pack


Club mate comes straight out of Berlin and is one of our favorite energy drinks. Derived form Yerba-tea-plant this beverage is stimulating, tastes good and is also good for your body. This drink is perfect by itself or mixed with Vodka. Here you can buy 20 bottles so you never have to run low on this amazing mixer!



    Perfect for a summer Junk boat party


    Non-Wine: Club Mate
    Manufacturer: Brauerei Loscher GmbH & Co. KG, Steigerwaldstr. 21-23, D - 91481 Münchsteinach, Germany
    Place of Origin: Germany
    Key Ingredient: Yerba-tea-plant
    Alcohol Content: Alcohol free