Gin Flight - Botanicals For Your Gin & Tonic

Gin Flight - Botanicals For Your Gin & Tonic

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Everyone is talking about Gin Tonic nowadays and the drink is becoming more and more popular. A drink with its origin from India is a classic after work drink. To refine the taste, we have carefully chosen 4 special spices which complement a Gin Tonic perfectly. Just add the dried hibiscus blossom, pink pepper corn, green cardamom or the blue juniper berries to your glass. Let the spices extract a bit. Cheers!

Pink pepper comes from South America, growing on peeper trees is fantastic aromatic. Although the corns have an intense fruity pepper aroma, they give the Gin Tonic a discreet spicy note in the aftertaste. We suggest adding 4-5 corns to each glass.

The green cardamom capsules comes from Guatemala. The aromatic and sweet character reminds us a bit of eucalyptus. The discreet spiciness of the cardamom shares the same origin of the ginger family. We recommend 3-4 capsules for each glass.

Hibiscus comes from the tropical region with its origin in Asia. The dried hibiscus blossom gives your Gin Tonic an optical highlight. After few seconds your drink already turns into a nice pinkish red colour. Adding 2-3 blossom gives your Gin Tonic additional floral and fruity note.

Juniper comes from Eastern Europe. It has a sweet aromatic taste, slightly bitter and has a pretty strong smell on the nose. Through the drying process, the juniper berry has a more blueish black colour. Juniper is an ancient remedy and elixir. We suggest 4-5 berries for each glass.


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