Muscatel Gin & Tonic Box

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Content: 1.5 Liter

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Now when you purchase our exceptional Muscatel Gin & Tonic Box you will receive 2 FREE Bottles of Thomas Henry Tonic Water. Gin is not the only important part of a great Gin & Tonic, the Tonic Water is just as important. High quality gin deserves high quality tonic. It makes sense once you think about it, after all the tonic is the biggest part in a G&T.

As a gin from the wine capital of Germany, the guys from Mainz have been inspired by the wines of their region and have also added yellow Muscatel wine to their gin, in addition to nine botanicals. Out comes a gin with a sweet and fruity aromas and a good citrus-flavor at the end. The yellow Muscatel gets its name from the Italian word for fly "Mosca", because the sweet grapes always attract flies. That is why we thought we'd add a few FREE bottles of tonic to your gin, if your friends were lured by the scent of the gins.


1* Muscatel's Soul - Muscatel Distilled Gin 700 ml

6* Thomas Henry Tonic Water 200 ml


Manufacturer1: A Witch, a Dragon & Me; Baufhofstr. 11, 55116 Mainz
Content1: 0,7 Liter
Alcohol content1: 44,00 % vol.
Manufacturer2: Thomas Henry GmbH & Co. KG; Bessemerstra├če 22, 12103 Berlin
Content2: 0,2 Liter

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