Hakuna Matata White


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Hakuna Matata White


Anyone who has ever seen "The Lion King" knows what Hakuna Matata means. And the wine definitely lives up to what the name promises. Sipping on this wine will leave you with no worries for the rest of your day. With a hint of sweetness, some fruity flavour, and a bit of floral, this wine is fun drinking. Ideal for an evening spent relaxing on the balcony fully embracing this wonderful phrase.

  • FOOD

    A simple pasta with lemon and salmon.


    Relaxing in the evening sun.


    Wine: White Wine, Organic
    Place of Origin: Germany
    Manufacturer: Weingut Motzenbäcker, Weinstraße 80, D-67146 Deidesheim
    Region: Pfalz
    Grape Type: Pinot Blanc, Gewürztraminer, Muskateller, Riesling
    Alcohol Content: 12.00% vol.
    Sweetness: Dry
    Allergen: Contains sulfites