Janitor’s finest – Harald Schatz Wodka

A Witch A Dragon & Me

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Janitor’s finest – Harald Schatz Wodka


The Vodka is a homage to Harald Schatz, the former janitor at the building, where Pascal has his night club “50Grad”. Harald had a very important role for the “50Grad” because without him, the club would not exist. Over the years Harald was the go-to person for almost every emergency and often the knight in shining armour, who came to the rescue with simple but brilliant solutions for almost any problem. So to honour Harald the vodka is not only named after him but also shares his love for simple solutions. What is inside the bottle? Several times distilled, quality grain alcohol combined with water like velvet to produce the highest drink quality.


    Non-Wine: Vodka
    Place of Origin: Germany
    Manufacturer: A Witch, a Dragon & Me; Baufhofstr. 11, 55116 Mainz
    Alcohol Content: 40.00% vol.