La Maldita

Viñedos La Maldita

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La Maldita


When translated from Spanish La Maldita means: the cursed. But with this wine we have found nothing to curse, but only to praise. A wonderful berry scent and wonderfully integrated tannins make this ruby red Rioja incredibly tasty. The only thing that will feel like a curse, is when the bottle is empty.

  • FOOD

    Burgers and wine are a winning combination. Especially with the La Maldita.


    Dinner together on the terrace, watching the last bit of the sunset.


    Wine: Red Wine
    Place of Origin: Spain
    Manufacturer: Viñdos La Maldita, 26330 Briones, Spanien
    Region: Rioja
    Vintage: 2017
    Grape Type: Garnacha
    Alcohol Content: 14.00% vol.
    Sweetness: Dry
    Allergen: Contains sulfites
    Food: Beef, Lamb, Chicken