Terras de Viriato Tinto

Caves Campelo

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Terras de Viriato Tinto


This is one of those wines in where when you smell the aromas you will automatically smile. The combination of warm fruit and sweet spice make for an amazing symphony of flavour. A wine with strength, but not too much. Made for long evenings on the terrace enjoying a fall breeze. In this bottle you get a big wine for a small price!

  • FOOD

    Oven roasted vegetables with feta.


    A long evening on the terrace while enjoying a fall breeze.


    Wine: Red Wine
    Place of Origin: Portugal
    Manufacturer: Caves Compelo S.A, Rua Joaquim Miranda Campelo, nº 586, 4755 - 326 Moure, Barcelos, Portugal
    Region: Dão
    Vintage: 2014
    Grape Type: Cuvée
    Alcohol Content: 13.00% vol.
    Sweetness: Dry
    Allergen: Contains sulfites