The Strongest Man - Cuvée Red

Winzinger Weine

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The Strongest Man - Cuvée Red


With this bottle you can experience the exquisite taste of wine that has been aged in oak barrels. The aging process really brings out notes of roasted coffee and blackberry jam. And all of this combines to make a wine that really lives up to its name, strong! This is something to warm you up on a cold night and is perfect when paired with strong meats.

  • FOOD

    Strong meats.


    Get the boys together...


    Wine: Red Wine
    Place of Origin: Austria
    Manufacturer: Weinhaus Winzinger, Rosengasse 44, A-7072 Mörbisch am See
    Region: Burgenland
    Vintage: 2015
    Alcohol Content: 13.00% vol.
    Acidity: 5.00 g/l
    Sugar Content: 2.50 g/l
    Allergen: Contains sulfites