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Wine Hangover Myths

Someone told me once that getting drunk is kind of like borrowing happiness from tomorrow. And after experiencing my fair share of brutal hangovers, I couldn't agree more.

We've all been there. Waking up after a night of one too many drinks, and for a brief second you can't remember why you feel like garbage, but then it all comes back and you remember just *how* many drinks were had... Which is of course followed by the classic and unbearable symptoms like a throbbing headache, nausea, dizziness, the shakes and sweats, fatigue, brain fog, irritability, and just general misery. *shudders*

Hangover myths and tips

And come to think about it, now that we've listed it all out, it really makes sense why people go such great lengths to avoid hangovers...

We to be the bearers of bad news, but unfortunately, there's really no true way to 100% avoid or cure a hangover. BUT after experiencing our fair share of hangovers over the years we have some insight. Which is why we've put together a handy guide with common hangover myths and our (well-tested) tips for surviving it all.


H A N G O V E R . M Y T H S : 

Myth: Hangovers happen just because you're dehydrated – so if you drink enough water you'll feel fine.

 This one is half true, yes, drinking does dehydrate you - which absolutely does contribute the misery, but dehydration by itself isn't the only thing responsible. Most of those god-awful hangover symptoms come from the breakdown/metabolization of alcohol - during the process, our bodies actually break down alcohol into somewhat of a toxic substance. But don't worry, it's not going to kill you (although it might feel like it).

Truth: drinking all the water won't completely save you, but it can definitely lessen the severity of your symptoms. So get to chugging.

Myth: “natural” and organic wines don’t cause hangovers because they don't have sulphites.

It’s about time we address the sulfite situation once and for all. Sulphites are the naturally occurring byproduct of fermentation. You heard me: I said naturally occurring. Long story short: when yeast and sugar come together to create CO2 and alcohol, minimal amounts of sulfur dioxide are also produced in the process. Therefore, ALL wine will have minimal amounts of it. Also, sulphites act as a preservative so your bottles have a longer shelf life and maintain their flavour.

However, people really love to blame sulphites for their hangovers — and wrongly so. Sulphites are not to blame for your wine hangover and actually many of our favourite foods contain way more sulphites than wine, and I doubt you've ever blamed your dried fruit chips for your headaches. (Dried fruit contains approximately 5x the number of sulphites than a glass of wine.)

Truth: Blame dried fruit for your hangovers, and keep drinking the fermented stuff.


Myth: Myth: Beer before wine, you'll be fine.

Alcohol is alcohol, and too much of it will make anyone feel sick - regardless of order, type, or any other rhyming phrase people like to say. And actually dark beer can contain even more of those nasty hangover inducing chemicals than may wines or liquor. The only factor to this myth having any truth to it is that beer makes you feel full faster, therefore you end up drinking less all around. 

Truth: Alcohol is alcohol and it really doesn't matter what order you drink it in, so drink what you like but best to just do it in moderation. But I wouldn't bet on this method to avoid the hangover... 

Myth: lower-quality wine and liquor cause worse hangovers. 

Sure, if you're buying the cheapest bottle of mass-produced wine or booze at the grocery store it'll probably have more impurities or additives than pricier alcohol, and those ingredients can contribute to hangovers. But expensive booze is still alcoholic and since alcohol itself is to blame (see point one) you won't avoid a hangover just by drinking the expensive stuff.

Truth:The only real difference price makes is if it keeps you from refilling your glass, so know that even the classy stuff can still mess with your body pretty badly.

Myth: You can cure a hangover with 'hair of the dog.

While a morning buzz sure sounds better than a splitting headache and the spins, drinking when you're hungover only delays your hangover symptoms, which will, without a doubt, set in when you ultimately stop drinking. Remember those toxic byproducts our bodies create? Your body still has to break down those byproducts, but by delaying the inevitable, the pain may come back even worse later.

Truth: Drinking the morning after will make you feel better in the short term, but it's not curing your hangover, it's just prolonging it and probably making it worse. (Kind of similar to this kid and the water-hose - it seems like a good idea until it backfires in your face...)

Myth: Drunk eating all the carbs and greasy foods will save you from the hangover

This myth is a solid excuse to drunk eat whatever you're craving (P-I-Z-Z-A!), and the truth is that anything you eat before, during, and after drinking will absolutely help to reduce the rate at which alcohol hits the bloodstream (which is a good thing). But unfortunately, the type of food won't slow speed of absorption all that much, nor will it reduce your hangover severity.

And actually, choosing snacks that are acidic, spicy, or salty, can trigger more stomach problems or further dehydrate you and make everything worse. Same goes for anything super greasy, it might be satisfying at the moment but if you don't typically eat greasy foods it will most likely upset your stomach even further. Oh and that saying "greasy foods sop up the alcohol" also isn't true since chemically alcohol cuts right through grease.

Truth: Food will always help but try to plan ahead by eating a solid healthier meal before drinking and if you are going to drunk snack, do it wisely. Also, fruit is a good choice after a night of drinking because it could help you feel better by replenishing blood sugar levels that fall when you drink.

Hopefully, some of these tips will be helpful for any future hangovers, because let's face it, no matter how many times we say "I'm never drinking again" we definitely will. Because hangovers are temporary but drunk memories are forever - well, that is, if we actually can remember them in the first place...😅

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