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WM - Starter Pack

Over time, some favorites have become obvious - We combined them for you!

Easter Wine Box

An adult Easter basket that's filled with treats much better than chocolate. Because adults deserve Easter presents too...

Spring Wine Box

Spring has arrived! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and it's the season of outdoor drinking!

Picnic Wine Box

Now is the perfect time to have a fabulous picnic with your friends and love’s one.

Rosé All Day

Get into the “rosé state of mind” with this pretty pink wine box.

Netflix & Chill Wine Box

Two people, a couch and (maybe) a TV... We have the right wines for a day of binge watching.

Dinner for Two Wine Box

Dinner with someone close to your heart is always a good occasion to open a bottle of wine.

Drinking Green: Organic Wine

A box to show you how incredible organic wine can be.

50 Shades of Red Wine Box

A selection of six wines that only have one thing in common, their red colour.

Sparkling Wine Box

Is there anything better than delicious sparkling wine? No matter what you're doing, bubbles go with every moment.

South African Wine Box

Three wines from South Africa that are eco-friendly and made with unique techniques that gives every glass vibrant flavour.

All White Wine Box

If you drink all white wine, all the time, then this is just the box for you.

A Lady's Sixpack

This is a selection of wines for women, who don't feel like the normal, stereotypical Bullshit.

Wine Punk Box

The WinePunk brought us a line of wines that are not for the faint of heart.

Kinky Wine Box

We all know what's going on in your dirty mind. That's why we created this pornlicious Kinky Wine Box for you.

Sweet Wine Box

If you’re a sweet wine lover, then this box was made for you.

Pool Party Wine Box

The best part of summer is cooling down. Whether you’re lounging at the pool or sitting on a beach you need some ice-cold wines to keep you cool.

Mulled Wine Box

The perfect drink to share with friends and family during the chilly winter season. A box with everything you need to make mulled wine!

Cuvée Wine Box

We want to share the cuvée love, we put together a wine box with both red and white cuvée wines, so you can experience the awesomeness that is blended wine.

Wine by Women

Three wines that represent three bad ass women who are shaking up the boy's club that is winemaking.

Year of the Pig

We want to celebrate the successful year ahead with pig themed wines that are guaranteed to bring instant happiness.

European Wine Tour

Do you want to take a trip to Europe, but don’t have the time, the money or both? No problem, we have you covered!

Poker Night

No poker night is complete without plenty of refreshments. Here is the perfect box to keep your head in the game all night.

Get Together Box

Sometimes the best parties are the ones with just a few good friends. And here are a couple of wines to make it a party.

Germans Schnapps Box

One thing is certain: Germans know great Schnapps.