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Winecation | Travel Series


Winecation Sale

Need a holiday? We feel ya. The one thing we all have in common right now is how much we miss travel. Or honestly, just the ability to *go* anywhere... We know that's not possible right now, and the disappointment is real, BUT to soften the blow we're having a WINECATION sale and have put together a Wine Box Travel Series where we take you to different countries on a little liquid holiday. It's the perfect way to take a little break, let go of your stresses for the evening, and pretend you're in Southern France, or the Italian country side.

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Now please fasten your seatbelt, stow your tray tables, and get ready for the first destination of your #winecation

Winecation | France


For the French edition of our Winecation series, we're taking you to Domaine La Louviere in Southern France and Louis Max located in the heart of Burgundy. One thing is very certain about the French: they know how to live! Between the heavenly food (hello mouthwatering baguettes) and incredible wines, we're not sure how they get anything done in France. For your (arm-chair) trip to France, we've included a fantastic red, buttery white, and of course, something sparkling. Sit back, relax, and picture a beautiful afternoon on the French Riviera. Shop the Wine Box: Winecation | France



Winecation | Italy


With the Italian edition of our Winecation series, we're taking you to Zio Porco! Located outside of Venice Italy, this winemaker - known as the “wine punk” - is producing unique and amazing wines that we can’t get enough of. And since there is no country that knows wine quite like Italy, this box is truly a mini Italian holiday. Pair with a yummy pasta or your favourite Italian dish, then sit back, relax, and picture a beautiful evening enjoying the sunset in Venice. Shop the Wine Box: Winecation | Italy


Winecation | Spain


It's the Spanish edition of our Winecation series and we're taking you to the vineyards Can Leandro and Bodega el Angosto, located outside of Valencia Spain. And then heading up north to La Rioja, which is a famous wine region in the Cantabrian Mountains. With almost a million hectares planted with vines, Spain is the largest wine growing country in the world - ahead of China, France, and Italy. The largest concentration of vines in the world, the Spanish REALLY know wine. So for this (arm-chair) trip to Spain, we've included three fantastic reds that perfectly represent the beautifully bold Spanish grapes. Sit back, relax, and picture a beautiful evening looking out at the Mediterranean Sea. Shop the Wine Box: Winecation | Spain


Winecation | Germany 


For the final destination in our Winecation series, we're heading to Germany and taking you to Hinterbichler, Destination Wine, and Karl May - all located in the famous wine growing region, Rheinhessen. Germans are known for making amazing Riesling but they can do SO much more. Pinot Noir is one of the essential German red wine grapes and so many other fantastic grape varieties truly thrive in Germany! Plus when you pair it with some of that delicious German food... mind-blowing. For this (arm-chair) trip to Germany, we've included a fantastic red, refreshing riesling, and a travel themed rosé. Sit back, relax, and picture a beautiful afternoon in the German countryside. Shop the Wine Box: Winecation | Germany

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