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A Witch A Dragon & Me

A Witch, A Dragon & Me is a young team of four friends, two of them are even brother and sister. The gang of four have known each other for quite some time and love to be creative together. All of them come from completely different fields of work. Pascal, for example, is a night club owner and from his experience and everyday work life, the idea came to the idea to make their own spirits. First, they made a Vodka named after the janitor/all-around handyman/saviour in the hour of need Harald Schatz, who was a very important figure for Pascal´s night club. The idea was to make a vodka without “hocus-pocus”. So, after doing that the next logical step was to make a spirit with a lot of “hocus-pocus” and along came the “Muscatel Distilled Gin” We are very eager to see what the next idea of the “ Fantastic Four” is going to be.

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