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Thommy Hörner comes from a family of wine producers and is the junior at the Hainbacherhof winery. Besides his work at the Hainbacher Hof, Thommy started his own winery - Hörner. Here he produces wonderful wines away from the mainstream wine production. Wines with lumps and bumps, but in a very good sense. The 24-year-old​ Thommy is on a very good path and he has already won a lot of awards for his wines. He categorizes his wines in three lines, all named after different horned animals. The bigger the horns, the higher up the wine is in the ladder. Stier, Steinbock and Widder. “Stier” is the basic line, lively, fine and animating wines. One step up comes “Steinbock”. These wines are clear, elegant with a fine fruitiness and depth. Even higher up the ladder are the “Widder” wines, complex, different, opulent and demanding.

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