Tongue Pogo

Zio Porco

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Tongue Pogo


Marco Zanetti and his buddy Marco Bernabei work together to produce the Tongue Pogo. They both describe their wine as “easy to drink, simple to understand and yet cultivated”. In laymen terms this means: a vivid white wine with crisp fruit, distinct minerality and an underlining of subtle herbal notes.

  • FOOD

    grilled fish or seafood but also perfect for a nice salad


    An all-rounder and matches nearly the taste of everyone. You get an unexpected visitor you are going to a party and want to bring a bottle of wine. TONGUE POGO baby!


    Wine: White Wine
    Place of Origin: Italy
    Manufacturer: ZIO PORCO WINES di Marco Giovanni Zanetti, Strada Soarda, 2636061 San Michele di Bassano del Grappa
    Region: Venetia
    Vintage: 2014
    Alcohol Content: 12.00% vol.
    Sweetness: Dry
    Food: Seafood, Fish
    Allergen: Contains sulfites