Outdoor Wine Bag Refillable Inlay


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Outdoor Wine Bag Refillable Inlay


Use the 3L JOYVINO Reusable Beverage Inlay to fill in any beverage you desire. Fill in some water, put the inlay into the Outdoor Wine Bag and carry it over your shoulders on a long exhausting hike, fill in some hot coffee on a cold day or even one of your favorite self mixed cocktails for a barbecue party - you are not limited to any beverage or place to enjoy your drink! Help save the environment and stop using small plastic bottles. The Reusable Beverage Inlay can fill up to 3L and can be reused max. 2-3 times.

Please note: inlay comes in a set of 2 pieces and goes with our Wine Moments Outdoor Wine Bag


    Non-Wine: Wine Accessories, Wine Bag
    Manufacturer: Wine Moments
    Alcohol Content: Alcohol free