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Food Friday | Wine & Tacos

Wine and tacos

tacos and wine


How about a weekend taco party (for 2)? Everyone loves them, they're quickly prepared (or delivered) and the best part is that you can build them with whatever you fancy! Whether with fish, chicken, beef, or veggies, the possibilities are endless.

When eating tacos you might be tempted to reach for a margarita. And while we love a good margarita, tequila doesn't always love us back... But the good news is that many wines have that same citrusy flavour! But the key to pairing wine with tacos? You gotta have fun with it!


W I N E . P A I R I N G


Here are a few suggestions on pairing wine with different types of tacos:

Veggie Tacos: Lots of green herbs call for a more acidic white wine! The 5 Elementos Branco, from Casa Agrícola Alexandre Relvas, is just the thing. It's light, refreshing, and has flavours that are creamy and crisp. A perfect match with a veggie taco!

Chicken Tacos: If you're looking to subsitute that margarita go with the Porseo from Zio Porco! It's slightly smoky, limy, and finishes off with a creamy touch, that's perfectly buffered by a salty mineral note. Great stuff that's got all those margaritas flavours minus the tequila hangover.

Steak Tacos: White meat = white wine. Red meat = red wine. But if you're going for red, we suggest something light and chilled. The Zwitschern Rot from Weingut Michel is a slim red with a lovely freshness and spice, and perfect when chilled!

Spicy: If you're all about the spicy salsa, you're going to want something super cold and off-dry like this Riesling Auf der Lauer Feinherb from Willems-Willems.



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